Sunrise Crackle
closeup of sunrise crackle
Sunrise crackle on exhibit
Sunrise Crackle

Sunrise Crackle

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What do you see in this Abstract?

Abstract Kilnformed wall art - various colored glass was ground fine and mixed with a medium and poured in a design on top of piece of glass.  Gai oil was dripped to create additional interest.  The glass was then fired in the kiln to use heat and manipulation to form blended colors and crackles of texture. 

This glass was then tack fused to a black glass background for a glass frame/mat. 

It is mounted with a standoff on brushed stainless steel, wired for hanging with welded brackets to keep the artwork flat and straight on the wall with no tilting.

Dimensions: 16.625" wide x 14.875" x 2" deep

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