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Wanda Tyner Glass Art

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"The process of creating glass art is challenging, the outcome has the potential to be stunning"

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"Like many, I had lost a very dear pet of 15-years.  I had no idea what Wanda was doing, but when she presented me with the glass plate of my beloved pet, Frankie, I cried.  She not only captured him perfectly from the photo, she captured his essence.  Now he not only resides in my heart, but I have a beautiful reminder of him on my mantle.  Wanda is truly an outstanding artist."

Author's name:  CJ in Parkville, MO

"Wanda created a gorgeous saxophone sculpture as a gift for my son. She is great to work with—she offered several color and size options. The end result was better than I had imagined!"

glass saxophone sculpture
Author's name:  Jamie Szabo
Nature on Fire Exhibit
at Kansas City Artists Coalition
Video Art
Glass Gibson Les Paul Guitar Sculpture
Glass Gibson Les Paul Guitar Sculpture
Making a Glass Gibson Les Paul Guitar
Flute and Music Note Glass Sculpture
Making a Glass Music Note and Flute Sculpture
Missouri Arts Council
Honored to be one of the Featured Artists of the Missouri Arts Council - February 2021
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Blooms and Butterflies
Featured exhibit at Images Art Gallery October 2020
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