Artist Statement

Wanda Kehlenbeck Tyner

Wanda Tyner cutting glass

I am inspired by the beauty of nature seen while hiking, biking, kayaking, traveling or enjoying nature’s show in my backyard.    

I manipulate and form glass into shapes with heat, flow, dimension, patterns and texture bringing vibrant colors to life. 

My journey as a glass artist began with a quest to understand how the glass art we collected on our travels was made.   I quickly discovered a new passion for my creativity.  I am fascinated with the scientific properties of glass and the technical programming required to achieve various results in kiln-forming and casting.  I enjoy the focus and precision it takes to design and explore colors, patterns, textures, shapes and techniques to create kiln-formed and kiln-casted glass art that can be bright, bold, subtle, or textured.

My artwork depicts a story that flows from realistic representations of nature to abstract interpretations with creative 3D elements.  In addition to fine art 3D wall hangings and sculptures; I create vessels, bowls, vases, garden art and jewelry. 

 My studio:      

  Wanda's Studio   kilns in Wanda's Studio     closer view of the middle size kiln
in the studio -- saws, grinder, glass   Studio - with saws and grinders