Sun Ray glass wall art
closeup of Sun Rays glass wall art
Sun Rays
Sun Rays

Sun Rays

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Inspiration:  Inspired by the warmth of the sun after several days of rain. 

Artistic Process;

Kilnformed glass wall art.  The background was created with 2 pieces of glass cut into a circle and fused together to achieve the color patterns.  The rays were cut and formed into their shape in a separate firing.  The center is ground up glass with a bit of dichroic sprinkled on top with the rays arranged - the final firing in the kiln was to lower tack temperatures to get texture and dimension.

It is mounted with a standoff on brushed stainless steel, wired for hanging with welded brackets to keep the artwork flat and straight on the wall with no tilting.

Dimensions:  16" diameter x 1.5" deep

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