rainbow swirls glass music note sculpture
rainbow swirls glass music note sculpture
Rainbow swirls music note
Rainbow swirls music note
making the glass music note video of sawing
sawing glass for sculpture

Rainbow Swirls Music Note

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Rainbow Swirls Music Note. 

13" tall x 7.5" wide

Inspired by my Rainbow Pollination Party sculpture, with as many different colors swirls as possible just like the background of the Rainbow Pollination Party. The first step was to recreate the swirls of each color and then cut them into smaller pieces and then to combine to make the glass/design.  The next step was to draw the design onto the glass with a waterproof marker then cut out on my ring saw.  Once I finished sawing, I grinded smooth all the edges and then it was fire polished in the kiln.  The music note is epoxied to the stand. 

Making music notes was inspired while I was playing the piano.  I was learning a new piece that was complex for me.  The muisc notes were staring back at me.  All of a sudden, I started thinking about the concept of a music note sculpture.  I immediately went to my studio to test out the idea. 


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