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Rendezvous at the Roses

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Glass Art Sculpture inspired while watching the butterflies and dragonflies frolicking about in the roses in my garden.

Artistic Process:

Background: various colored glass was ground fine and mixed with a medium and poured in a design on top of white glass.  Gai oil was dripped to create additional interest.  The glass was then fired in the kiln to use heat and manipulation to form blended colors and crackles of texture. 

The roses, butterfly, ladybug, dragonfly and leaves are kiln-casted and permanently adhered to the background. i

The glass stand is first made in the same style as the background, cut to size with appropriate opening and kilnfired then kilnformed into a shape to support the sculpture with coldworking to ensure the bottom is level and sturdy.

Dimensions:  8" wide x 10" tall x 3.375" deep