flying blue butterfly with stand
flying blue butterfly with stand
flying blue butterfly with stand

Flying Blue Butterfly on display

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Inspired watching the butterflies flocking around the followers out my office window. 

the Artistic Process:   The butterfly is kilncasted and made from glass powders and fine glass. It was fired to a temperature exceeding 1450 degrees Fahrenheit and then annealed for several hours to strengthen the glass and ensure durability.   

The copper wire was fired into the butterfly in a loop so it can hang.  Shown hanging on an ornament stand. 

Stand: 3.75" wide x 9" tall 
Butterfly: 4.375" wide x 4" tall

Other Display options
The butterfly could also be hung on the wall with by the copper wire or for an added cost with a standoff. 
If desired the butterfly could be incorporated into a larger artwork.  the copper can be cut and made into antennae.  (see other blooms and butterflies artwork). 

Stand is included

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